What is ISEEC?

  • ISEEC assists Healthcare Professionals in acquiring Basic (CORE) and Advanced Clinical Skills; achieving Economic Self-Sufficiency and developing a SELF-MOTIVATED PASSION AND LIFE-LONG QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGE.
  • ISEEC provides the HIGHEST QUALITY TRAINING for Nurses who plan to work abroad and at Centers of Excellence in the Philippines.
  • ISEEC provides quality education and clinical skills enhancement for application in healthcare practices LOCALLY, NATIONALLY, AND INTERNATIONALLY.
  • ISEEC provides Clinical Training and Education to give Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals a SIGNIFICANT COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE in advancing their professional careers as well as SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASING THEIR COMPENSATION at Healthcare Centers of Excellence locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • ISEEC brings U.S. STANDARDS, KNOWLEDGE, COMPETENCE, AND SKILLS to Philippine Nurses so that they can compete Globally as Professionals in Healthcare Centers of Excellence in a Just Working Environment.
  • ISEEC establishes REVIEW CENTERS offering preparatory programs for NCLEX-RN and Local (PNLE) Nursing Examinations. These centers utilize INNOVATIVE and EVIDENCE-BASED test taking strategies consistent with International Standards.
  • ISEEC provides ACCESSIBLE EDUCATIONAL AND TRAINING RESOURCES for healthcare professionals by establishing International Skills Enhancement and Education Centers (ISEECs) in SELECTED STRATEGIC LOCATIONS.




GSN-ISEEC is a Philippine based organization that uses U.S. and International Standards to offer Basic (CORE) Clinical Training and Advanced Specialized Clinical Training Courses for Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals desiring to work in Specialty Clinical Areas e.g. ICU/CCU, ER, OR, Pediatric/Neonatal ICU, Intensive Maternal Units, PACU and Psychiatric Units.

GSN-ISEEC was established in January 2007 in response to a shortage of clinically qualified and appropriately trained nurses coming from the Philippines to the U.S., and the increased demand for highly skilled and specialized nurses and other healthcare professionals.

It was founded by Ms. Grace S. Navea, RN, MAN, MBA, PhD.  Ms. Navea has over 26 years as U.S. Educator; Clinical Instructor; Trainor; Staff Nurse; ICU/CCU Manager; Chief Nursing Officer; Director of Nursing; and Vice President, Clinical Services.

Ms. Navea has established and operated numerous Centers of Excellence in the U.S. with staff that she has personally clinically educated and trained.

These Centers of Excellence include Open Heart Programs; Dialysis Centers; Hyperbaric Chamber Wound Care Centers; Outpatient Surgical Centers; and Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Centers.

GSN-ISEEC is duly registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) with Certificate No. 00796605 and the company has business permits to conduct education and training services in the Philippines. GSN-ISEEC is an accredited Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Provider of the Professional Regulation Commission – Board of Nursing (PRC-BON) with Accreditation No. 2009-23.

GSN-ISEEC’s vision is to be the Center of Excellence for International Healthcare Professional Skills Enhancement and Education.

GSN-ISEEC’s Mission is to provide relevant education and training that is responsive to the needs of the Local, National, and International Communities in a rapidly changing world; that ensures that GSN-ISEEC trained healthcare professionals are caring; compassionate; highly competent; proficient; socially responsible; and life-long learners who are locally and globally competitive; highly qualified; exceed U.S.  Joint Commission (JC) and International “Best Practices” standards, are provided with excellent employment opportunities, and who will be highly compensated in a just work environment.

GSN-ISEEC is an affiliate of GSN, Inc., a U.S. based comprehensive healthcare employment and staffing company that has specialized in outsourcing and employing nurses for over   25 years.

In 2007, it became one of the first, and remains one of the few, staffing companies to ever receive the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval and became fully accredited.  It is also accredited by the California Board of Registered Nursing as a Continuing Education Unit Provider. GSN, Inc. and GSN-ISEEC can provide Professional Regulation Commission – Board of Nursing (PRC-BON) and California, U.S.A. Board of Registered Nursing  Certifications with continuing education credits or units to students.

Over the past 25 years, since its inception in 1984, it has developed an unquestioned reputation for training, educating, and providing high quality nurses and other healthcare professionals to all of its over 100 clients in the U.S. and overseas.

Over the past ten years, GSN, Inc., has also employed directly for itself over 2,000 nurses and has recruited and placed over 10,000 nurses for its client hospitals and client health related organizations.